Happy New Year

Blessed New Year everyone. This is the time of year when we have a fresh start, to begin anew and look forward to brighter days. There are many things we can do to start the year off right, you can smudge your living space, do manifestation spells or take a ritual bath.


House Cleansing/ Smudging

               To cleanse or smudge your home/living space you will need a sage bundle or Palo Santo. Light one end of the sage bundle or Palo Santo let it burn for a minute then blow it out, you want the smoke from the sage or Palo Santo. Starting at the entrance you use the most, keeping your windows closed, move through your home spreading the smoke through out and say:

                              All Negativity begone

                              All that does not serve my higher power begone

                              All that is old, and stale leave this place.

                              Out with the old

                              Blessed Be

               Once you have moved through the entire home sprinkle salt in your doorways and windowsills. Then you can open your windows if there is too much smoke in your home.

               I also recommend burning Frankincense or getting a bouquet of roses to bring positivity into the home. While burning the Frankincense you can say the following:

                                             Positivity, love and light I welcome you

                                              All that is new and good I welcome you

                                             If you serve my higher power, you are welcome                                                     here

                                             In with the new

                                             Blessed Be

Have a safe and blessed New Year. We are sending healing love and light to those who are in need. We are wishing everyone a prosperous year. We are looking forward to seeing all your lovely faces in the upcoming year.

Blessed Bee

Rose and Lydia

Stormy's Spellbook – Your Virtual Grimoire (wordpress.com)

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