Our Family of Readers


DAVID SPELLSINGER – DAVID reads the Cherokee Spirit Stones, Tarot, Norse and Celtic Runes, and the I-Ching. DAVID also does Soul Retrievals. DAVID is a martial arts specialist as well as a Tai Chi and Chi Gong practitioner. Book with David
LADY VIOLETTE (JULIA) - Has been studying and practicing Tarot for over 15 years. She uses the Legend of the Arthurian deck which she feels has insight on how we feel today. She also has Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities and will do Intuitive Palm Readings. Smudging and psychic removal services available. Book With Lady Violette


Laura Lee- Laura is an Intuitive Psychic Clairvoyant, who reads Tarot and receives messages from the deceased. Laura is Fluent in Spanish. Check out her Blog: Diary of a Witch

Book with Laura Lee
LYDIA – LYDIA is an Intuitive Tarot and Tea Leaf reader and a Seichim, Dragon, Tiger, and VooDoo Reiki Master and Level 2 Usui Reiki. She is available for Energy Healings and Chakra Alignments by appointment. LYDIA will also put together gris-gris/Mojo bags and candles for your personal needs by Special Order. Book With Lydia
RAVENS DAWN (SHARON) - RAVENS DAWN is a Norse Rune Reader of nearly 20 years. She is also Intuitive and feels the Elder Futhark Runes chose her to work with them. She also reads the Runic Tarot and offers Runic Birth Readings. Book with Raven's Dawn
ROSE DRAGON (PAULA) - Is an Intuitive Tarot, Dragon, and Rune Reader. She is also a Dragon, Tiger, Elemental, Seichim and Celtic Reiki Master plus Level 2 Crystal Reiki and Level 2 VooDoo Reiki. ROSE DRAGON also does Energy Healing and Chakra Alignments by appointment. Book with Rose Dragon

Salem Dragon (Kevin)- Kevin is an eclectic catholic-Pagan- Shaman, who mainly reads tarot, oracle and bones along with other divination systems. Kevin works very heavily with dragons and uses their insight to aid in his reading style. Kevin has achieved master level in Dragon, Celtic and Owl reiki. He also uses other shamanistic forms of healing.

Book with Salem Dragon
Peace Lily - an intuitive Traditional Tarot reader. She studies Herbalism, Crystal Healing, and Green Witchcraft. She reads with the Golden Art Nouveau Tarot deck and The Herbal Tarot deck.

Book with Peace Lilly

Gloria - A Master Tarot Reader. She is a Spiritual Channeler she uses her gifts of Clairaudience, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience, to communicate with those who have crossed over. She works with Angels, Saints, The Blessed Mother, and Jesus.

 Book With Gloria

Cayce- an intuitive tarot reader who also studies astrology and has a level 2 in Usui reiki. The tarot deck Cayce often uses is the everyday witch deck along side oracle cards. She has a strong connection to other peoples energies and works with that energy during readings. Book With Cayce
Lizzie- an intuitive reader who has been studying and practicing tarot since 2015. Her goal is for clients to find the answers within themselves. She primarily uses the Morgan Greer and The Pulp Tarot decks. Check out her blog (Oatmilk Tarot) and Tiktok (@oatmilktarot) for more insight to her readings. Book With Lizzie
Sapphire Moon - An Intuitive Tarot and Oracle Reader. He has been reading for the last 15 years and uses a variety of Tarot decks he follows a spiritually eclectic mix of paths. Book with Saphire Moon
Medium Sylvie - A medium who has seen spirits since she was a small child. She has been using her gifts for the past 10 years to help others. She sees energy around individuals and is a healer who works with angels. Book With Medium Sylvie
Zachary - An old soul who has studied many paths, who has been part of the Pagan community since childhood. He would like to help you discover your path he reads from the Dragon Tarot and is currently following the Norse path. Book With Zachary



CRYSTAL POND VIBRATIONS (ANDREA)– Andrea uses singing bowls, tuning forks combined with Reiki to cleanse and clear the Chakra’s.  She works with angel energy to assist in her healing work. Book with Andrea
TERRI– Terri is an intuitive energy healer.  Heal the body by Aligning the Chakras with turning forks, Reiki, copper.  Receives message from animal spirits to help guide your on your journey. Book with Terri