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The online store is open! We are adding new products every day!
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Our Family of Readers

ALEX - ALEX is an intuitive Tarot and Oracle Reader.  She works with Angel energy.  Alex is fluent in Spanish.

BERNICE-  Bernice is an intuitive reader who specializes in Akashic Records and Energy Field work.  She practices Holy Fire Reiki.

BRENDA– Brenda is an intuitive Tarot and Oracle Reader.  She specializes in Angel energy and is clairvoyant.  Brenda is fluent in Spanish

DAVID SPELLSINGER – DAVID reads the Cherokee Spirit Stones, Tarot, Norse and Celtic Runes, and the I-Ching. DAVID also does Soul Retrievals. DAVID is a martial arts specialist as well as a Tai Chi and Chi Gong practitioner.

DEB DACZ - DEB is an Empathic Intuitive Numerologist. She reads the "energy pattern" of a person's birthdate and their name. Each person has a unique energy blueprint that they are born with and she reveals their strengths, weaknesses and recurring patterns to help them in their life and their life purpose. DEB decodes the client’s energy and how they are "wired" to offer deeper insight based on "downloads" she receives during the reading as well as what she absorbs from the client.

LADY VIOLETTE (JULIA) - Has been studying and practicing Tarot for over 15 years. She uses the Legend of the Arthurian deck which she feels has insight on how we feel today. She also has Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities and will do Intuitive Palm Readings. Smudging and psychic removal services available.

Laura Lee- Laura is an Intuitive Psychic Clairvoyant, who reads Tarot and receives messages from the deceased. Laura is Fluent in Spanish. Check out her Blog: Diary of a Witch

LYDIA – LYDIA is an Intuitive Tarot and Tea Leaf reader and a Seichim, Dragon, Tiger, and VooDoo Reiki Master and Level 2 Usui Reiki. She is available for Energy Healings and Chakra Alignments by appointment. LYDIA will also put together gris-gris/Mojo bags and candles for your personal needs by Special Order.

RAVENS DAWN (SHARON) - RAVENS DAWN is a Norse Rune Reader of nearly 20 years. She is also Intuitive and feels the Elder Futhark Runes chose her to work with them. She also reads the Runic Tarot and offers Runic Birth Readings.

ROSE DRAGON (PAULA) - Is an Intuitive Tarot, Dragon, and Rune Reader. She is also a Dragon, Tiger, Elemental, Seichim and Celtic Reiki Master plus Level 2 Crystal Reiki and Level 2 VooDoo Reiki. ROSE DRAGON also does Energy Healing and Chakra Alignments by appointment.

CRYSTAL POND VIBRATIONS (ANDREA)– Andrea uses singing bowls, tuning forks combined with Reiki to cleanse and clear the Chakra’s.  She works with angel energy to assist in her healing work.

TERRI– Terri is an intuitive energy healer.  Heal the body by Aligning the Chakras with turning forks, Reiki, copper.  Receives message from animal spirits to help guide your on your journey.

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