Yule is the Germanic pagan festival that celebrates the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice. Since days become longer after the winter solstice it is often seen as a night of rebirth and renewal. One ancient tradition still carried on today is the pomander. This is where one takes a whole orange and inserts cloves, meditating on protection, love, and prosperity while inserting each clove. Fires have been a traditional part of yule celebrations since the beginnings of Yule. These fires started as bonfires and evolved into the yule log; a specially scented log burnt as a winter tradition. A modern version of the yule log takes a log of Oak or Pine and adds candles on top representing the ceremonial fire.

Yule ritual and incense for a Prosperous New Year

Mistletoe, pine, and holly are all traditional part of the modern yule and Christmas traditions alike. These plants have been a part of yule celebrations since ancient times. Mistletoe is used for protection, love, fertility, protection, and healing. Pine is used for money, fertility, longevity, and protection. Holly is used for protection, luck, and dream magick.  Burn some mistletoe, pine, and holly as incense on charcoal to draw fertility, money, love, protection, luck and healing in the new year. 


Candles: Red for protection and fire, Green for prosperity and new growth, and White for cleansing and new beginnings.

Incense detailed above


Ritual: First light the charcoal and place in a heatproof dish. Then mix together the incense in a mortar and pestle or spice grinder while grinding focus of intent. Light the candles focusing on each in turn. Finally, sprinkle the incense powder onto the coal and focus on a prosperous new year.

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