Samhain, also called Halloween, all hallows eve, or Dia de Los Muetros, is a festival marking the end of the harvest and the beginning of winter in the Gaelic calendar. This ancient festival has roots as far back as the Neolithic period in Ireland and perhaps even earlier.

Many traditions surrounding this day talk of the thinning of the veil or the separation between the world of the living and that of the dead. Archeological evidence suggests that the ancient peoples of Ireland would open tombs to commune with one’s ancestors. Similar practice is still in place today during Dia De Los Muertos, which celebrates the lives of the deceased, often at their grave or a personal altar, with food, drink, parties, and activities the dead enjoyed in life. The Modern tradition of the Jack o’ Lantern also has roots in this belief that the spirit world is closer on this day than any other. This tradition originally involved carving a root vegetable, like a turnip, into a scary face that was intended to drive off malevolent spirits.   

Samhain Prosperity/ancestor calling



Sage: used to cleanse ritual space

Juniper Leaf: used to enhance psychic abilities

Pumpkin Seed: used to bring prosperity in the coming year

Apple: used traditionally in Samhain rituals to call spirits

Orange Candle: used for prosperity/road opening

White Candle: used for protection and psychic abilities

Ritual Bowl: used to place herbs in


Before beginning the ritual, cleanse your space using sage, or another cleansing herb, to clear away unwanted energies. Next set up the ritual space by placing Ancestor photos, ritual bowl, candles and anything else you usually include on your altar. Meditate with each herb and place intent within them as you place each in turn into the ritual bowl. As you light your candles Recite the following:

 Ancestors I call upon your wisdom on this night,

 guide me away from darkness and fright.

Open new roads to bring new prosperity,

Show me the path and bring me clarity.

Meditate on the coming year and wait for guidance from ancestors to guide you on the path of prosperity for the coming year.

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