November Newsletter

November Newsletter 2021

Harvest your wishes, harvest your dreams
Gather in stardust, reap the Moon's beams;
All things are possible ~ but love the Earth first,
She feeds your hunger and quenches your thirst;
Life never ending of Autumn I sing,
Yes, winter cometh, but comes then the Spring
I sing of the season's, Earth Mother's great wheel,
Attune to the rhythm to harvest and heal.

 ~ Carnelian Prayer

For your convenience and safety we offer the opportunity of shopping from home at    We have all kinds of new and interesting thing as we continue to stock up for the holidays. 
Remember we can also prepare your order for a curbside pick up. 
If you can't find what you are looking for online please give us a call at 708-687-1333 and we will be more than happy to help. 
For everyone's safety, and in following the policy for the State of Illinois we are requiring all Staff and Clients to wear a mask while in the store. Please help to do your part in keeping everyone happy and healthy.   

As a reminder there is additional parking in the gated lot behind the store.  

November Extended Hours are as Follows:
Sunday 10am to 5pm
Monday 11am to 8pm
Tuesday 11am to 8pm
Wednesday 11am to 8pm
Thursday 11am to 8pm
Friday 11an to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 6pm 

Check out our lists of classes and Events!

On January 1st we implemented that a  50% non-refundable deposit be made to sign up for all class.  We ask that you please sign up for all classes 24 hours in advance. 
This will give  our instructors to have time to prepare. 
All classes are done as a reservation only. 

For the month of November all Calendars and Datebooks are 10%

 Saturday's are $1 per minute reading 

November 11th 
Goddess Series, This Month: Isis , 5pm $25, Lady Violet 
Lecture.  We'll be exploring the mythology of different Goddesses every month. This month of November is surrounded around Isis. An Egyptian Goddess of rebirth who is recognized for her winged beauty and powerful images. One of her most famous stories is how she resurrected her husband, also her brother, from the dead. As we learn about Isis and her myths, we'll discover her character and how it affects us today.    

November 12th
How to Read Playing Cards, 7pm $25, Lydia
Lecture and practical application class.  In this class we will study and practice the art of divination using regular playing cards.   

November 15th 
Developing Your Intuition, 6pm $25, Rose
Lecture and practical application class. We discuss and work on opening up your Intuitive self.  

November 16th 
Journey Through the Runes II, 6pm $25, Ravens Dawn
Lecture and practical application class.  Part 2 in the series of learning how to read and understand Runes.  

November 19th
Spirit Bottles, 7pm $30, Lydia
Lecture and practical application class.  In this class learn what a Spirit Bottle is and how to use and care for one.   We will also be creating some of our own to take with you.

November 25th Thanksgiving Day, the shop will be closed!

November 26th We Will Be Open at 9am for extra Black Friday Shopping.  We will have special sales all day long.  

Our Schedule of Readers 
Availability is Subject to Change

Terry will be available on the following dates for healings
Sunday 10-3 from 12-5,
Monday 10-11 from 12-4,
Sunday 10-17 from 12-5
Monday 10-25 from 12-4

Lady Violet from 11am - 4pm
Ravens Dawn or Laura Lee 5-8pm
Ravens Dawn 11am-8pm
Brenda or Ravens Dawn 11am- 5pm
Alejandra 5 to 8, or Laura Lee 5pm to 8pm or Deb 5pm to 8pm 
Lady Violet 11am- 5pm
Laura Lee 5pm to 8pm
Lady Violet 11am- 3pm
Lydia 3pm- 8pm
Readers vary, $1 per minute Readings
David Spellsinger

We are happy to announce that will be adding some additional days for Reiki healing.
Monday, November 1st 12-4pm
Sunday, November 7th 12-5pm
Thursday, November 11th 12-4pm
Sunday, November 21st 12-4pm
Wednesday, November 24th 4-8pm
Monday, November 29th 12-4pm

Regular Regular Reading Prices:
15 Minutes $30
30 Minutes $50
45 Minutes $70
1 Hour $90
Pay with Cash and Receive a 10% Discount
15 Minutes $27
30 Minutes $45
45 Minutes $63
1 Hour $81

Saturdays are $1 a minute readings and healings. 
We will have 2 readers and a healer.   15 minute minimum, 30 maximum.  All healings are 30 minute minimum. 
It is suggested that you call for an appointment. The schedule fills up quickly. 
Call the shop at 708-687-1333 to check availability and schedule your appointment ahead of time.  

November 13th, 20th, and 27th

ALEX - ALEX is an intuitive Tarot and Oracle Reader.  She works with Angel energy.  Alex is fluent in Spanish.
BERNICE-  Bernice is an intuitive reader who specializes in Akashic Records and Energy Field work.  She practices Holy Fire Reiki. 
BRENDA– Brenda is an intuitive Tarot and Oracle Reader.  She specializes in Angel energy and is clairvoyant.  Brenda is fluent in Spanish
DAVID SPELLSINGER – David reads the Cherokee Spirit Stones, Tarot, Norse and Celtic Runes, and the I-Ching.  David also does Soul Retrievals. DAVID is a martial arts specialist as well as a Tai Chi and Chi Gong practitioner.
DEB DACZ - Deb is an Empathic Intuitive Numerologist. She reads the "energy pattern" of a person's birthdate and their name. Each person has a unique energy blueprint that they are born with and she reveals their strengths, weaknesses and recurring patterns to help them in their life and their life purpose.  DEB decodes the client’s energy and how they are "wired" to offer deeper insight based on "downloads" she receives during the reading as well as what she absorbs from the client.
LADY VIOLETTE (JULIA) - Lady Violette has been studying and practicing Tarot for over 15 years. She uses the Legend of the Arthurian deck which she feels has insight on how we feel today. She also has Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities and will do Intuitive Palm Readings. Smudging and psychic removal services available.
LAURA LEE– Laura Lee is a tarot reader and clairvoyant who can speak to the deceased.  She uses the Thoth deck created by famed Occultist Aliester Crowley and is also a member of the O.T.O (Order Templi Orientis).  She uses The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn system to read and is a left hand path occult practitioner who specializes in ceremonial magick.  She is fluent in Spanish.
LYDIA – Lydia is an Intuitive Tarot and Tea Leaf reader and a Seichim, Dragon and Voodoo Reiki Master and Level 2 Usui Reiki. She is available for Energy Healings and Chakra Alignments by appointment. Lydia will also put together gris-gris/Mojo bags and candles for your personal needs by Special Order.
RAVENS DAWN (SHARON) - Ravens Dawn is a Norse Rune Reader of nearly 20 years. She is also Intuitive and feels the Elder Futhark Runes chose her to work with them. She also reads the Runic Tarot and offers Runic Birth Readings.
ROSE DRAGON (PAULA) - Rose Dragon is an Intuitive Tarot, Dragon, and Rune Reader. She is also a Dragon, Tiger, Elemental, Seichim and Celtic Reiki Master plus Level 2 Crystal Reiki and Level 2 Voodoo Reiki. ROSE DRAGON also does Energy Healing and Chakra Alignments by appointment.
CRYSTAL POND VIBRATIONS (ANDREA)– Andrea uses singing bowls, tuning forks combined with Reiki to cleanse and clear the Chakra’s.  She works with angel energy to assist in her healing work.
TERRI– Terri is an intuitive energy healer.  Heal the body by Aligning the Chakras with turning forks, Reiki, copper.  Receives message from animal spirits to help guide your on your journey.

We look forward to seeing you!
 Be safe, be happy and be well. 



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