Meet our Readers: Terri McCormick

In this week's installment in our Meet our Readers series Terri McCormick walks us through her process for Reiki Healings.

When somebody comes in for a healing with you what can they expect?

I like to really explain what I’m doing before I start. I ask if they are familiar with chakras and if not I give a description of them and how I work with them during the healing. I then use a pendulum to check in with each individual chakra to see if it is open or closed. After that I use tuning forks that are made to match the frequency of the chakras which will allow me to open them and direct the energy through the body. Next I go in and I begin doing the Reiki. There is a physical and emotional aspect, depending on what's going on in your life. Basically your body tells a story and I'm here to help balance and detect what's going on. I'm also very blessed to have animals come into my readings, I call in spirits, I call in helpers, and over the years of doing it I actually have had animals come in and help me. Now, that doesn't mean that they are your animal totem guide, they are reaching out to you right now and they are here because of what you have going on in your life. It can help you steer the wheel with whatever you are going through and if that process is over they will leave and whatever next adventure you are on another animal will come in to guide you.

Do you have a preferred length for a session?

I love when they come in for an hour-long session because I feel like I can treat both sides of the body. I don't think people are always aware that we have chakras in the front and the back. However, I can still do quite a bit in half an hour. 

You have mentioned Chakras, Reiki and Animal Guides. Correct me if i'm wrong, but Reiki itself is a Japanese practice and Chakras are from India and Animal Guides are culturally from all over the world but it is heavily associated with Native Americans. In what ways are you able to take these different ideas from different cultures and have them mix? In what ways do they work together and in what ways are you doing them separately?

I feel like each tradition that I use is a step in the larger process. I’m very drawn to the Native American cultures, they are close to my heart  and have been since I started this journey. Learning and diving into the chakras was a whole new avenue and I realized I can use both of those techniques with healing the body and they vibrate both beautifully together. I've been trained Isui Reiki and other Reiki modalities and I combine everything I do into kind  of a “Terri” style Reiki. I added the tuning  forks and another thing I have not mentioned yet are the copper hoops in the various sizes. Copper is a metal that our bodies are depleted of after age 50. It's excellent for healing. I take the hoops and place it over parts of the body, let say if you're having trouble with your wrist and you use the copper on that area of the body it helps to release because it reverses energy and makes it go the opposite direction. When using this on different parts of the body you are helping to pull that energy off and out of the body and people can actually feel the energy moving. They feel tingling and different sensations. I've had some amazing things happen. One example is from years ago when I worked on my dad. He lost his toe years ago but he was having trouble with his leg right under his knee so I used the hoop on him and after the third time of hooping him he started jumping around and I asked what was wrong he said “I can't believe it, I can feel my phantom toe.” the copper does work on the emotional and spiritual bodies as well, it works on all three.

How did you initially get interested in this being something you want to do with your ?

Well I've always been interested as a child you know with the rocks, stones, crystals. My dad had a nice collection growing up and my mother was very into the angelic realm she introduced me to at a young age, but at that point i didn't see myself doing this professionally and as years went by i ended up taking classes getting my certifications and in 2012 I ended up having breast cancer. It was completely life changing and I reached out to spirit and used everything that I knew and was blessed with great doctors and I'm still here. I owe it all to everybody that helped me on my way and I'm here to give back because I've learned so much and I feel that our minds are one of our most powerful tools. We have the opportunity to change anything if we set the right channel to our heads and to our brains.

You had mentioned about the different styles of reiki that you are trained in can you go into a little but of detail of each of those

Yes when I was going through cancer the different hospitals were opening different opportunities for people that had experienced it and it was a reiki share group and it was basically it was with the similar structure of the Isui Reiki and bit of a more relaxed manor. Then another Reiki class that I took that was near and dear to my heart was Radiance Reiki which was taught to me by one of my spirit teachers. It was Isui based with her own little extras attached to that. Everything is based on the original and that style was a little more intense, I actually had to learn some Japanese and it was a bit more involved.

Anything else you'd like to add?

I feel that with the way the world is right now that I'm so glad that  people are starting to find these different modalities to reach out and the whole idea of what I do is I want to teach everybody that you have the power to do many things for yourself. It's great to come to me but you want to keep that going when you get home so I try to teach them that and give them their little homework to work on while we part ways until their next visit.


Terri is available on most Saturdays for $1/Min Healings as well as a few additional day throughout the month. You can book a Healing with Terri Here

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