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Beltane is the pagan sabbat traditionally celebrated April 30th through May 1st. This spring-time holiday is one of fertility, rebirth, new life, and prosperity. Ritual fires called balefires or Bone-Fires are lit on the night of April 30th and often include the 9 sacred woods (see below) and herbs in order to help bring about cleansing, fertility, protection, and healing to the earth in the coming year. The ashes from these sacred pyres are often collected and sprinkled around one’s property for additional protection and prosperity. The most famous part of this holiday is the May Pole, which is used to represent the union of mother earth and the sun and the new life their union brings to the world. Humans often take cues from the gods and celebrate Beltane with their own private fertility rituals. This sabbat has much lore regarding the faeries and the mischief they like to cause.  In order to protect children, who are especially vulnerable to Fae, one may weave a daisy chain/daisy crown or place bells upon them for protection.  These bells, have made their way to modern times in the form of wind chimes and door bells.



Fire pit or cauldron

Matches or a lighter

Gold and Silver candles

Book of Shadows or a journal



White and red ribbon or Cord

9 sacred woods: Adler, Ash, Birch, Hawthorn, Hazel, Holly, Oak, Rowan, and Willow

Begin the ritual just after sundown on the 30th, light the sage and cleanse, the intended ritual space and all tools gathered within. Next invoke the god and goddess by lighting the gold and silver candles and saying:

“Candles of silver and gold summon the sun and earth gods of old.”

  Next, thread the bells onto the red and white ribbon/cord and tie them around each ankle. Finally, light the fire with the sacred woods in one’s cauldron or fire pit. Once the fire has been lit, walk, dance, or prance around the sacred fire chanting one line for each rotation.  

“Mother Earth and Father Sun nourish this land and help it flourish. By the power of this flame, I bless you as I call your name (call the names of loved ones, plants, or animals you wish to see flourish). Bless this land safe and sound, bless the plants and bless the ground.”

After the spell is complete you can sit in front of the fire in order to divine the fortunes of the next year. Write down all images that come to you while staring into the dancing flames; these can then be interpreted after the next sunrise. Once the fire has fully burned, out gather ashes from the sacred fire and sprinkle it around one’s property for additional protection and prosperity in the coming year.

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