Wildhearted Purpose By Kris Franken

Wildhearted Purpose By Kris Franken

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Embrace Your Unique Calling & the Unmapped Path of Authenticity

Reconnect with Your Wild Heart through Meditative Journeys and Sacred Rituals

When it comes to living your greatest purpose, let wildflowers be your muse. With dozens of simple and inspiring practices, this book helps you discover the dreams of your soul, design your unique map of personal growth, and live authentically through nature.

Building on the wisdom in The Call of Intuition, Kris Franken shares a wide variety of journal prompts, rituals, guided journeys, and other exercises that lead you toward your full potential. Her inspiring words and step-by-step guidance show you how to plant your vision for the future and nurture it into reality. By embracing your kaleidoscope of gifts, you can find the purpose already imbued in the light of your being and learn to bloom along the unmarked paths of life.

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