Streams of Consciousness by Lumari

Streams of Consciousness by Lumari

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Discover The Twelve Hidden Frequencies-Activate Your Higher Calling & Uplift Our World

A mind—altering, heart—opening, awakening journey into the cosmos, your divine nature, and our world.

This is your guide to remembering and aligning with the frequencies of consciousness and connecting not only with the Divine, but also with your deeper purpose to live as the visionary you're here to be.

In "Streams of Consciousness," you'll experience powerful evolutionary wisdom and divine energies. Raise your vibrations as you read and become empowered to awaken your soul path, nurture your purpose, and generate evolution and enlightenment.

In sacred collaboration, author Lumari channels Alawashka (the original language and vibrational source of creation) and shares revelations, guiding you to access the Divine energies. The result: you're able to create your path and design your life as a transformational leader—and help uplift humanity and our world.

You will receive awakenings and insights into your life, becoming aware of how the Streams of Consciousness have inspired your choices. Empowered with this knowledge, you can then clear blocks, heal emotionally and physically, and experience greater fulfillment as you easily, consciously shift to a higher vibration.

If you're ready to celebrate your soul, your being, and your connection with the Divine while feeling deeply nurtured, consider this your divine invitation.

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