Seraphim Six Winged

Seraphim Six Winged

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11" H

Cold Cast resin

Hand Painted

The word Seraphim comes from the Hebrew word saraph (Strong's Concordance #H8314) which means, "burning ones" or a fiery serpent that is poisonous. Its reference to a class or type of angelic beings is recorded only in Isaiah 6.

The primary role of Seraphim is to offer praise and worship, on a constant basis, focused on the Godhead's holiness and glory (Isaiah 6:3). Their responsibility is strikingly similar to the four beasts of Revelation who constantly give the Eternal glory, honor and thanksgiving (Revelation 4:7 - 9). Their nearness and direct access to God's throne means they are a higher order of angelic beings like the cherubim and archangels.

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