Natural Healing Crystals Bagged Set

Natural Healing Crystals Bagged Set

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Set of 8 natural not tumbled Stones. Wonderful for a beginners set or for the advanced.

Comes with Burlap Bag 

Set comes with:

Amethyst is used for healing, crown chakra, purification, sleep, dreams, psychic abilities, happiness, protection, overcoming, and connecting with the divine.

Amazonite is used for gambling, success, truth, honor, angelic communication, integrity, hope, trust, intuition, psychic abilities, creativity, and intellect.

Tiger's Eye is used for luck, prosperity, protection, confidence, strength, mental clarity, and power.

Lapis lazuli is used for health, love, psychic abilities, protection, courage, total awareness, balancing, attracts money, and joy.

Clear quartz is used for energy, mental clarity, cleansing, balancing, healing, and connecting with spirit guides.

Red jasper is used for empowerment, strength, courage, healing, protection, health, beauty, passion, helps heal PTSD.

Citrine is used for wealth, prosperity, success, joy, self-esteem, self-confidence, and mental powers.

Fluorite is used for mental clarity, psychic development, cleansing, healing, protection, and grounding.

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