Lodolite Slab Points

Lodolite Slab Points

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Lodolite radiates love and strength. It alleviates the fear of change. It has a very gentle and calming energy that is especially useful for daydreaming.

Lodolite helps to alter consciousness onto a visionary level, giving perception into multidimensions, and past lives. It is a powerful journeying tool, giving protection during shadow work and karmic clearing.

It can be used for enhancing daydreaming and shamanic divining. Shamans have been known to use Lodolite crystal for vision quests. It brings deep healing from past life attachments and traumatic events. It harmonizes higher vibrational energies into the aura, Lightbody, and subtle bodies. Its gentle energy is helpful for lucid dreaming and meditation.

Emotionally Lodolite is a beneficial crystal for getting in touch with repressed emotions, releasing fear, and promoting understanding of the impermanency of the body and the continuous cycles of birth, death, and rebirth.

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