How To Make Voodoo Dolls By Beth Rumbo

How To Make Voodoo Dolls By Beth Rumbo

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A fantastically fun handbook for making DIY voodoo dolls: craft with yarn, embroidery floss, pipe cleaners, fabric paint, and more!

This unofficial guide to creating fun voodoo string dolls is the first of its kind in offering step—by—step directions for making these fun and funky charms. Great for kids and adults, these easy—to—make dolls will entertain you for hours with their quirky looks and personalities. How to Make Voodoo Dolls has tons of photographs to lead you through the process of creating these cute, kooky characters, but will also prime your imagination as you start on the way to making your own creations. Learn how to make your favorite ghoulish creatures such as:

* Skeleton

* Frankenstein

* Werewolf

* Dracula

* And more!

Just be careful sticking those pins as a final touch!

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