Healerite Palm Stone

Healerite Palm Stone

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Place palm stones in your hand to meditate and manifest your intentions.

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Healerite has a profound healing energy that works on many levels.

It supports us physically, mentally, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually which is a great benefit to us as we go through our Earth’s momentous shift.

“Healerite energizes the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, creating revitalization on the cellular level. Its currents encourage all the cells and internal systems to harmonize with one another, and with the Divine Blueprint of the holistic perfection of the body. This is a stone to carry or wear for the maintenance of one’s resonance with this pattern, as well as for re-connecting with it if one is ill. It is definitely my new favorite healing stone!”  - Robert Simmons

Healerite brings a love vibration, balances our body and our emotions, calms nerves, brings joy, openness, generosity, encourages intimacy and love, heals current and past lives emotional wounds, releases tension, rigidity and negative emotions, encourages openness and flexibility.

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