Fortune Telling Book by Raymond Buckland

Fortune Telling Book by Raymond Buckland

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The Encyclopedia Of Divination & Soothsaying

In this definitive-encyclopedia, best-selling Wiccan seer and Gypsy mystic Raymond Buckland describes the intuitive art of prognostication. An A-Z exploration of all that peers into tomorrow, "The Fortune-Telling Book details more than 400 events, people, and techniques essential to understanding the ancient practice. A preoccupation of humankind for thousands of years, divination, or fortune-telling, is practiced in all cultures. What was once the prerogative of the shaman, and later became the jurisdiction of the priest, has today become the tool of anyone who has the inclination to try it. The culmination of a master's life work, "The Fortune-Telling Book provides detailed explanations of the various soothsaying techniques, discussing everything from Aeromancy--seeing by observing atmospheric phenomena--to Zoomancy--divination by the appearance or behavior of animal. With more than 100 illustrations, "The Fortune-Telling Book includes a detailed index and additional reading section.

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