Bearberry Uva Ursa

Bearberry Uva Ursa

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Magical Uses: Used to increase psychic powers, Cleansing and Purifying sacred spaces

Bearberry grows across much of the Northern hemisphere preferring cold, mountainous climates and rocky soil. Most people think of Bearberry as a New World herb, but in fact it grows natively in Scotland and northern England. Bearberry produces small, edible berries that may be red, purple, or black depending on the variety. Native Americans blended Bearberry and Tobacco to make a smoking blend called Kinnikinnick.

Use bearberry in sachets to increase psychic powers. The smoking/incense blend known as Kinnikinnick is said to increase gifts of vision and prophecy, purify ritual space, and carry prayers to the heavens. One can offer the fresh or dried berries to Bear spirit guides.

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