Bay Leaf

Bay Leaf

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Magical Uses: Protection, Psychic Powers, Prosperity, Healing, Purification, Wisdom, Strength

Bay leaf, also known as laurel leaf, is indigenous to Asia Minor from where it spread to the Mediterranean and other regions with a similar climate. The Ancient Greeks used it as a symbol of victory and strength. The winning Olympic athletes were crowned with a bay leaf wreath as early as 776BC. Bay was also used by the oracles of Apollo who included it in their incenses to induce visions.

Use bay as an ingredient in teas for clairvoyance and wisdom.   Placing bay leaf beneath one’s pillow is said to cause prophetic dreams and protect one from nightmares. Add bay to sachets for protection, prosperity, healing, and strength.  When powdered or burned whole, bay leaves make an excellent protection and purification incense.  Bay planted on one’s property is said to prevent illness from entering the home. Wishes can be written on a bay leaf and burned or carried to make them come true.

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