ACR Negative Energy Empath Kit

ACR Negative Energy Empath Kit

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This kit was formulated to remove negative energy and negative thought forms that may be attached to you and your aura.  For example, Malls, Cemeteries, Haunted Houses, Negative Places, or people that dislike you ( for ex. the workplace or family gatherings)!
The Soap and oils contain Mugwort, Angelica, Yarrow etc.  Anoint your self with the oil before or after anticipated interactions. Anoint the hands, wrists, back of neck, third eye, and/or bottom of your feet.  If you feel very heavy or negative. Rub the candle on your body from your head down to your feet. Rub the bottom of your feet and then light it. This removes the negativity from you.  You may bath in the salts provided or place in bowls around the house, or sprinkle in front of doors and windows.  I also like to sprinkle the salt in cups of water and place next to or under the bed while sleeping.  The Sensitive may notice the difference using this kit!
Mugwort is for removing negativity, and enhancing intuition.  Yarrow prevents energy from leaking out and stops others from going in.  Angelica historically was used for exorcism and to evoke your angels.
Curios.  Research Purposes Only.

Kit may vary.  Black candle or White candle.  Purple candle or Yellow candle.

The herbs in this kit have been used historically for repelling negative energy, thought forms or negative entities. This kit contains Mugwort, Angelica, Salt and much more. Wash with soap and or bathe in salt to help remove negativity. Take the oil and anoint your pulse points, third eye, back of neck and or chakras. Don't forget the bottom of your feet. These kits are very effective. You will feel yourself getting lighter and feeling freer. It will also help you not be so affected by negative people! 

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