ACR Money Drawing Kit

ACR Money Drawing Kit

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Historically this formula was used for Abundance, Health, Fast Cash, Jobs etc...
Money is often found on the ground etc. At first, then random money starts showing up. Business may pick up. People pay back their loans etc.
When i use it, often money would come from odd places using these herbs; and often withing 30 minutes to 3 days depending where i am.  Burn the incense when needed! 
This kit contains:
Money Soap (Blessed and charged)
Green Candle, 
Anointing oil
Money Drawing Incense
Abundance Tea

The Incense is not for fragrance, but for its purpose!  Historically, a dollar bill was burned with this incense for fast money. (This is illegal).  Wash with the soap and anoint yourself with the oil when you need fast cash.  The tea contains, Alfalfa, Mint, Chamomile.  

The soap and oil contain secret ingredients.  Anoint the Candle with the Oil and wash with the soap as needed.  If you do not wish to drink the Tea use it as incense and it should last you a very long time.  The tea has many health benefits such as digestion, fresh breath, hair growth support and calms the mind and body.  Alfalfa is very nutritious and is good for the joints, bones and hair!  The soap is not scented, nor is the oil.  This kit is meant for power not for fragrance. Enjoy!
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Curios and Research Purposes only. According to your faith.. may it be done. 
Burn Incense on charcoal provided in a heat safe container like charcoal burner or skillet! Not glass or oil burners (unless sandstone.) Never leave candles unattended.

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