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The online store is open! We are adding new products every day!
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Classes and Events


January 7th 
Introduction to Magick, The Wheel of the Year - Holidays and Sabbats,

6pm - 8pm $30 there will be a $5 discount per class if you sign up for
3 or more classes in advance,

Lecture and practical application class. This is the first in the introduction to Magick Series!  In this class you will learn what "The Wheel of the Year" is and about the eight Sabbats celebrated by many Pagans, Wiccans, and Witches.  These holidays follow a nature-based calendar and include four solar celebrations and four seasonal celebrations between them.  You will learn history, symbology and traditions, both old and new, of each Sabbat. A class handout will be provided, and we will be completing a Whell of the Year worksheet together for you to take home afterwards.  

Instructor:  Melissa 

January 12th 
Developing your Psychic Abilities,

6pm $20

Lecture and practical application class.  This class will walk you through opening up your Third Eye.  It will include what kind of exercises to do as you strengthen your Third Eye.  You will learn to trust your inner voice.  You will also receive a list of herbs and crystals to best help you on your journey.  

Instructor: Rose Dragon

January 13th 
Learn Tarot Reading

5pm $30

Lecture and practical application class. This class breaks down how to study tarot.  She will teach you to get closer to your tarot, understanding what they are telling you.  As you go through the class she will talk about psychic ability and cleansing and preparing your reading space.  

Instructor: Lady Violet

January 14th  
Voodoo Friday, Origins of Voodoo

7pm $25

Lecture class. Every month we will study a different part of Voodoo.  This month we will Learn about where Voodoo originated from and how it developed and grew into the Voodoo that is practiced now. 

Instructor: Lydia

January 28th 
Honey Jars

7pm $35

Lecture, practical application and craft class.  Honey Jars have been used throughout the centuries to help you "sweeten" a situation in your favor.  In this class will learn where honey jars came from, how you use them and make one of your own.   

Instructor: Lydia 


A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to sign up for all class.
We ask that you please sign up for all classes 24 hours in advance. This will give our instructors to have time to prepare.
All classes are done as a reservation only.


Please call for availability!
Ask about one-on-one classes, prices vary.