Beginners Guide to Getting Stoned...I mean stones! (Apatite)

Apatite Cleansing Crystals Healing Manifestation Stone

 Featured Shinyite: Apatite

   Want to work up an appetite? I have just the stone for you!

Get it? Apatite?

   I think the boss just groaned. Well it's her own fault, after all, she bought me a beautiful pair of Apatite earing for my birthday and now I just can't get my fill.

(I crack myself up!😆)

   Of course, Blue Apatite is only one of the many colors found in Apatite. The name Apatite is actually given to a family of crystals and can be seen in shades of yellow, pink, purple, white, green and blue - the neon varieties often the most sought after. It is often mistaken for Tourmaline or Beryl, hence the name taken from Greek mythology where Apate was the personification of deceit and deception.

Ooohhh, a tricky stone...


    I am now thinking I may need to pair the earrings with a pendant... or maybe a ring...


18K Vermeil Gold Ring Blue Apatite

    You may have to take care it doesn't trick you into wanting more than one!

Oh heck, what is the harm in having a few?
    The only real decision is what color. Blue Apatite is probably the most popular of the color varieties with the most striking blue colors found in Madagascar. This stone forms in hexagonal crystals and is a rock phosphate mineral identified by the chemical formula Ca5(PO4). Apatite can exist in many different forms, along with other minerals, as long as the base of apatite calcium (Ca5) and phosphorous (PO4) exist together. With a Mohs hardness of 5 it is one of the softer stones.
But don't let the hardness scale fool you, this stone packs quite a punch!
   Apatite is considered a stone of manifestation, related to service and to humanitarian pursuits. Although generally believed to be attuned to the future, it also is said to connect to past lives. It is used for cleansing and healing, as well as stimulating the development of psychic gifts and spiritual attunement, deepening meditation and aiding communication and self-expression on all levels.
   And as if that wasn't enough...The gemstone is believed to decrease appetite (go figure) as well as enhance insight, creativity and learning. It is said that wearing apatite will enhance focus, clarity for concentration, intellect, acceptance and unconditional love. We could all use a little of the latter.
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Blue Apatite Obelisk

 Blue Apatite Stone Bracelet

Well that’s all there is now from the Shinyite School of Stones!

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