Power of Auras Tap Into Your Energy Field For Clarity, Peace of Mind, and Well-Being, The By Susan Shumsky

Power of Auras Tap Into Your Energy Field For Clarity, Peace of Mind, and Well-Being, The By Susan Shumsky

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“Finally, a book on the subtle fields of energy that is well-researched and demystified, with practical techniques that can be used by anyone. A valuable contribution to the field of energy healing.”
—Anodea Judith, PhD, author of Wheels of Life

The Power of Auras is a thought provoking, educational and amazing journey into the world of the human energy…I highly recommend it.”
—Uri Geller, www.urigeller.com

The Power of Auras is a truly enlightening book full of thought-provoking ideas and techniques for health and empowerment. This well-written book is a compilation of well-researched facts integrated into a carefully woven tapestry to explain how we can heal ourselves. I highly recommend it.”
–Dr. Bruce Goldberg, author of Spirit Guide Contact Through Hypnosis

“In anything, no one can know the truth without firsthand experience. The truth can be known only when one can detach oneself from the small ego and see the experience for what it is. The author of this book has herself experienced the essential quality and soul of human and guides people to the world of soul and God within, revealing the practical methods learned through her own experience.”
–Hiroshi Motoyama, PhD, president, California Institute for Human Science
Strengthen Your Aura and Experience Greater Energy, Love, and Happiness

Thousands of people have found The Power of Auras invaluable—especially those in the holistic health field who use its methods in their daily practice. This new edition will bring the message of self-sufficiency to even more people who desperately need greater strength during this time of change. With this book, you will learn how to:

  • See or sense auras.
  • Develop spiritual self-defense and protection.
  • Increase power, balance, focus, and clarity.
  • Heal and release dense vibrations.
  • Release attachments and addictions.
  • Cut psychic ties and cords.
  • And much more!

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