Taking Up The Runes (WC Edition)

Taking Up The Runes (WC Edition)

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"A popular exploration of the runes, reissued with a new chapter on rune divination, now part of the Weiser Classics series.

Diana Paxson has used her years of experience working with the runes and teaching others into this one complete guide. Within these chapters readers will be dealing with rune pairs, and also learn the historical and current meaning of each individual rune and its use in contemporary culture. But as Paxson shares, the real power of the runes comes from internalizing them and using these symbols as a source of wisdom and strength.

At the end of each chapter introducing and exploring the pairs of runes are rituals and spells for all levels of ability that help internalize the attributions, meanings, symbolism, and use of the runes. Further study in part two of the book expands the use of the runes in divination, guided meditations, and song. Everything regarding runes is covered in this workbook, from their history, and how to customize your own rune sets, and learning to use them on a psychic, spiritual, and magical level."


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