Norse Goddess Valkyrie Wielding Spear and Shield

Norse Goddess Valkyrie Wielding Spear and Shield

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Valkyries are the spirits, in Norse myth, who watch over battles and decide who among the fallen have died valiantly and therefore deserve a place in Valhalla and Fólkvangr. In mythology they are noble women who have been chosen by Odin to serve him in the afterlife. Also being the messengers of Odin, it is said that when the Valkyries ride quickly across the northern sky the reflection from their armor is the cause of the aurora borealis. Other than overseeing battles Valkyries also serve in the great hall making sure the fallen warriors are full of food and drink.

Length 5 1/2"

Width 4 1/2"

Height 9 1/4"

Cold cast Bronze

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