Israel Regardies The Foundations of Practical Magick

Israel Regardies The Foundations of Practical Magick

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Israel Regardie's The Foundations of Practical Magick by Israel Regardie, one of the foremost authorities on the theory and practice of Magick, is an interesting collection of essays covering a wide array of subjects. The emphasis is on practical methods of releasing the vast inner potential on which Magick depends. Starting with An Introduction to The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic, the History of the Golden Dawn — the Early Years. Followed by Meditation, A Modern Approach to an Age—old Science and Art, which provides clear information and methods to practice meditation—the road to divine union—which requires the mental discipline and commitment students need to develop.

Included is Ecstacy, an essay which is from Dr. Regardie's book Healing Energy, Prayer & Relaxation, (New Falcon Publications). Students of Magick will enjoy a few essays on the particularly interesting branch of Occult knowledge, Alchemy. For students learning about the Qabalah, we have included two essays: Qabalistic Primer, A Layman's Guide to The Tree of Life, and The Qabalah of Numbers and Meanings, An Elementary Manual of Numerical Procedures.

Read a few essays by V.H. Frater A.M.A.G. (which refers to Israel Regardie.) Participants in the Order took on a pseudonym or magical motto. In Regardie's case, his motto was Ad Majorem Adonai Gloriam which means "To the Greater Glory of Adonai".

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