Hoodoo For Everyone By Sherry Shone

Hoodoo For Everyone By Sherry Shone

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Modern Approaches to Magic, Conjure, Rootwork & Liberation

Hoodoo is a folklore tradition that was created by and for enslaved African Americans in the southern United States. And before there were honey jars, red brick dust, and everything else you may associate with Hoodoo, there was the need to be free.

This is not the #kitchenwitch Hoodoo you’ve seen on social: it’s magic for those who seek liberation and healing, for those who have been hurt, misunderstood, or cast aside. This is Hoodoo, updated: history, foundations, spellwork, and spiritual guidance made accessible to everyone, inclusive of all backgrounds and genders.

Written with three guiding Hoodoo tenets——Intention, Faith, and Direction——in mind, Hoodoo for Everyone offers everything you need to know about the practice: rituals, conjure, rootwork, divination, herbs, plants, and ancestor work.

Shone’s modern Hoodoo also goes in—depth into discussions of gender, religion, and cultural appropriation. She answers the questions:

* Is Hoodoo the same as Voodoo, Lucumi, or Santeria?

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