Golden Obsidian with Prehnite on top

Golden Obsidian with Prehnite on top

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Golden Obsidian w/ Prehnite on top

Aprox 9"

Handmade with Copper

Golden Obsidian has the meaning and properties to improve negative habits. It is a gemstone to prevent "crapula", "smoking", "splurge", etc., which tends to be the source of negative energy. "Laziness", "greediness", "lust", "rage" and "self-denial" will be alleviated at the same time. It helps when you want to regain peaceful everyday life.

Prehnite is known as the heart stone as well as the solar plexus stone for its divination powers. You can experience its astonishing healing benefits by meditating with it or simply by wearing it. Prehnite is also the stone of prophesy, as it facilitates divine communication, fortifies intuition, and ensures clarity of thoughts. It is also known to protect from outer trickeries and inner conflicts.

The athame represents the magical element of fire, associated with the Sun and the Horned God; while the chalice represents the magical element of water, associated with the Moon and the Goddess. The union of the two then represents the union of God and Goddess, male and female, sun and moon, fire and water.

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