Connect and Work with Spirit Guides By Shannon Yrizarry

Connect and Work with Spirit Guides By Shannon Yrizarry

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Meet, Heal, and Manifest With Your Divine Teachers

All Your Questions About Spirit Guides Answered

Spirits can be powerful sources of wisdom, inspiration, and support, but it isn't always easy to communicate with them. This beginner-friendly book takes you step-by-step through the process of awakening your innate connection to high-vibrational guides. It answers common questions and covers important techniques such as building trust in yourself, healing from physical ailments, creating the life of your dreams, and releasing negative energy for good.

Shannon Yrizarry teaches you to connect with benevolent spirits using chakras, vision boards, crystals, oracle cards, altars, and meditations. She also includes a variety of techniques for overcoming obstacles such as Reiki, sound healing, affirmations, and diet recommendations. No matter what happens, this book helps you continue moving forward.

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