21 Rituals To Ignite Your Intuition by Theresa Cheung

21 Rituals To Ignite Your Intuition by Theresa Cheung

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Like optimism, intuition can be cultivated. Research has shown that contrary to popular opinion intuition isn’t something we are born with and it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Intuition is a skill that we can learn and we can get better at it the more we practice. Drawing on what science and psychology can teach us about intuition and Theresa’s techniques to strengthen it using the life changing power of ritual, this book offers 21 simple and proven daily rituals to help you tune into your inner wisdom and start making better decisions in your life today.

Following on from the success of 21 Rituals to Change your Life readers will be encouraged to follow a daily plan of intuition boosting rituals for a period of at least 21 days. Research shows that it takes around three weeks to ensure that a daily ritual becomes entrenched at a neural level and is therefore powerful enough to change your life for the better.

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