Meet Our Readers: Sapphire Moon

This week we have a new reader starting with us lets take a moment and get to know Sapphire Moon

If someone has never had a reading with you what can they expect?

I always try to be gentle and warm with new clients. It can be a scary thing meeting a new reader and I want all of my clients to feel comfortable.  Also, I allow my clients to choose the deck I read them with because I truly trust that their spirit guides know which deck will give them the best reading. Besides that, I try my best to relay the best reading I can honestly and thoughtfully. 

How did you get into doing readings?

I started doing readings when I was 13(I'm 30 now! So it has been quite a time for me. I've always had this drive to help people feel better, and when I discovered tarot, I thought what a great way to further that drive? Since then, I've honed my craft to the best of my ability, always living by the mantra that there's ALWAYS something new to learn. 

What kind of Decks do you use?

I use all types of decks. Recently, my favorite decks are the Goetia and Notoria decks by Fabio Listrani. Besides those, I use a wide variety (from wizards to Hocus Pocus)! It all depends on the season/time of year. 


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