Meet Our Readers: Lizzie

This week we have a new reader starting with us lets take a moment and get to know Lizzie

If someone has never had a reading with you what can they expect?

They can expect an inclusive, welcoming place to truly be yourself. I live very honestly, and that presents itself with my bubbliness and humor. I know what it’s like to be in their spot! There can be quite a bit of nervous energy, as well as fear that I will deliver them some bad news. Here’s the thing: all news is just news, it depends how you look at it. However, not everyone is a Gemini like me and can accept that! So it is my job to be able to redirect, advise, and guide forward based on what the cards are telling me.

The way that I practice tarot is founded upon my belief that everything can be solved in some way, shape, or form. My readings encourage perspective and finding what hasn’t been considered yet.

When you get a reading with me, I want you to leave feeling empowered. People turn to tarot in some of their most vulnerable moments (believe me, I’ve been there!), and it can be hard to feel like you have any agency when your world feels upside down. We are all our own Magicians. Tarot is just a tool; the answer is within ourselves.

How did you get into doing readings?

I bought my first deck at Just Witchy’s when I was in high school. I had ZERO experience with tarot and was honestly too afraid to book a professional reading. It helped that I happened to be surrounded by many witches in my life, but I did not have a ton of resources. I mainly relied on the little booklets that come with decks and Google to help me with the cards. For a long time, I would occasionally offer friends free readings, and that was about it.

Tarot didn’t start to really pick up for me until 2021. I had just gotten out of a breakup, my job was driving me nuts, I dropped out of grad school, and my life was not going the way that I was expecting it to. My friend recommended that I book a reading with Laura Lee, and that’s exactly what I did. Laura shook my entire world and made me feel like my life wasn’t over; it was just starting. And that’s when I took the deep dive.

I went home and immediately pulled out all my decks. I went to the library and checked out every book on tarot that I could. I listened to podcast after podcast after podcast. I bought more decks, more books, and whatever else made me feel more drawn to tarot. I just kept diving further and further, and it made me feel like my life had a purpose.

Initially, I was nervous to read for other people, but I was genuinely shocked at the feedback I was receiving from my friends and family. I knew that tarot was no longer just something I liked to do; it was something that I was good at.

So! Here I am now! Taking on this incredible opportunity to read at Just Witchy’s!

What kind of Decks do you use?


I’ll be honest when I say I own about 20 decks, but mainly keep about 5 in my usual rotation. The Morgan Greer deck, to me, is absolutely perfect. I tend to be more drawn to borderless cards, and this is probably my favorite. I drool looking at it… Just absolutely gorgeous!

I also am a huge fan of the The Pulp Tarot deck. It’s an indie deck made with a lot of love. I am an English major, so I get pretty dorky about vintage books. Every single card in this deck looks like a pulp novel cover, and each card is unique and extremely detailed.

The Mystical Moments deck also holds a very special place in my heart because it was the first deck I bought after taking my deep dive into tarot. This was also the deck I mainly used to really learn, not just recite, the meanings of the cards. I also like that this deck has both “masculine” and “feminine” cards for all the stereotypical masculine cards (i.e. Emperor, King of Swords, etc). While the deck itself just suggests that you pick which card depiction you like best, I actually read with both the “masucline” and “feminine” cards in there. Yes, I know, unconventional! But that’s just the way that I like it with this deck. It’s interesting how you can have two Emperors in one reading, but they have two completely different meanings. Such is the nature of tarot.


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