Meet our Readers: Cayce

In this week's installment in our Meet our Readers series of we are speaking with Cayce who is a new reader in our store.

If someone has never had a reading with you what can they expect?

They can expect a warm, comfortable, and welcoming experience with me. I like to channel the client’s energy so that I can use that to further assess what the client needs throughout the reading. I like to try to match what they’re feeling so they feel comfortable enough to let their guard down and to be able to enjoy the reading fully and not feel so intimidated, because getting a reading from someone new, or even for the first time can be a little scary at first. 

They can also expect full honesty in their reading. I never want to steer someone off their path or hinder them from being given information that can benefit them and help them grow as a person. 

How did you get into doing readings?

Growing up, spirituality and all kinds of mythology were very welcomed and expressed in my home. My mom would play all kinds of scary movies for me and my siblings growing up, and we’d watch things from Halloween, to Chucky, to The Lost Boys, to Hocus Pocus, to Ghost Adventures and documentaries about Greek or Egyptian mythology, and of course Harry Potter was a huge staple in our house. So I had a lot of exposure to mythical realities, supernatural and magical. So, wanting to learn more about Tarot and angels always felt natural to me. It’s what has always interested me the most, so much so that I also want to get my master’s degree in parapsychology.

What really got me started doing readings was back in 2016, my grandma had invited me to her friend's house to see a medium. My grandma has been seeing this medium for years and years with her friends and one day, she finally asked me to join her. I had an incredible experience, because it was my first time ever getting a reading, with any sort of medium, and it made me want to do more, and truly gave me insight into what I can be capable of. In a sense, it just felt right and after meeting with her, it felt like everything clicked and I knew what I wanted. 

Afterward, my grandma gave me a book called “Many Masters’, Many Lives” which discusses the possibility of reincarnation with I ended up doing a research paper on, and changed my entire view on how I view my spirituality and recommend it to anyone who is curious about reincarnation! 

What kind of Decks do you use?

I like to use the Everyday Witch tarot deck! I have tons, but this is my favorite and mostly used deck. The images are beautiful and so much fun. It’s playful and has beautiful colors and depictions of each card and I feel that it resonates with me the most in how I also view the cards. I also like the Disney villains tarot deck. I love Disney, and the villains have always been a favorite theme of mine, and this deck is also a lot of fun, but likes to be used for mischievous questions and is more playful. 

I also like using my self-care oracle deck. Sometimes when I’m feeling out of sorts and not sure what to do and how to bring myself back to center, this is a great oracle deck that tells you what self care activity would be best to help you get to where you want to be. 


If you are interested in booking an appointment with Cayce Click here!

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