Meet Our Readers: Peace Lily

We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to get to know our readers and healers a little better so with that in mind this is the first installment of a weekly series of short interviews.

We are starting this week with our newest reader Peace Lily.

What can people expect when they sit down for a reading with you? What kind of readings do you usually do?

Usually I do traditional intuitive Tarot readings. If they have a question I focus on it while I'm shuffling to see if there are any messages that come through that will be important. I like to focus my readings on clarity and advice. If needed I will also incorporate crystals into my readings depending on the situation. I think that those can be really helpful for some people.

Are there specific decks that you like to use, or do you have a wide variety you work with?

My favorite deck to use is the Golden Art Nouveau Tarot, that's the one I've been reading with the longest so I'm the most familiar with it and I really connect with the artwork on that one. A newer Tarot deck that I have had now for quite a few months is the Herbal Tarot. I feel like that one really matches my set up a lot better and I really like that deck because it is unique in that it has a specific herb for each card, which,  can also be helpful in finding deeper meanings especially when looking for  advice I like to use the herbs to help kind of direct that person in a certain direction.

Do you give people a choice of what deck they can use or do you feel it out by situation about which deck you feel would be right?

I think that it depends, if i see someone looking at one deck or they seem interested in one deck i might use that one but typically i use whichever one I am drawn to in that moment.

There are two points where you mention incorporating other things into your readings, I just wanted to see if I could follow up on those. The first is that you mention using stones and crystals during the readings. Can you go into more detail about how you do that?

Sure, if someone keeps looking at one of my crystals and is curious about it and has questions before we start the reading or at any point while they are back with me I can go into the properties of the crystals. I do believe in the healing properties of crystals so if someone is, for example, feeling anxious or is having a hard time with grief and they want to hold it i would let them and explain to them why they might be attracted to that particular one  while giving them some examples for some other crystals that they could use to help with any issues they might be having.

The other one you mentioned was when you use the Herb Tarot you say you like to use the herbs to direct a person into a certain direction can you go into detail about how you would do that?

Yes, if they bring up an issue or an issue came up during the reading that you know some kind of herb could fix, whether that could be drinking it in a tea or in used in spell work, or anything like that I would be open to pointing them in a certain direction.  Sometimes certain herbs mean things to people so seeing the card associated with those herbs may cause them to make a connection.

So it's not just using the reading to highlight what's going on but you're also giving them a road map on where they can go next. 

Right, I would say with the crystals and the herbs my main goal is  I want them to be helpful not just for decoration. And while it is a beautiful decoration, there is a purpose to it.

What was it that drew you into wanting to do this in the first place?

When I first started working here I actually knew nothing about any of this type of stuff. I had only heard about it because one of my best friends was really into this and she introduced me to the store and it went from there. I remember one of my co workers asking if i do any divination and I was like what's that? So she gave me the run down and I bought my first deck on my first day at work and here we are. I would practice with my friends and with my siblings. Any chance I got, I was trying to give people readings. At first I didn't know what I was doing and I was reading straight from the books but they were accurate nonetheless. When I took Lady Violet’s intuitive Tarot class and when I learned to read tea leaves in Lydia's class, those really helped me tap into my intuition.

What is something that you would like people to know if they are interested in getting a reading with you? 

That I don't view any of the cards as being particularly bad. I think that everything is leading towards something and it is good to have that heads up or to have the kind of forewarning of what might be coming up. i think that is so helpful to you and you know i think that getting clarity and advice from someone outside the situation could be really helpful so I would hope to do that for people.


If you are interested in getting a reading with Peace Lily click here for her schedule.

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